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tiny hooves

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010


last week, a new addition arrived on the farm. I have to admit, these are my favorite types of newborn shoots…. (more…)

Rolex 2010

Monday, April 26th, 2010


If I could do this for a living…I would. (Take the pictures, not the eventing…although, that’s fun too. I’m just too much of a wimp. Show me the dressage horse). Ah to dream. Lindsay gets the MVF (most valuable friend) award for this month. 😉 She treated me to a day at Rolex (for those who don’t know what Rolex is–besides a fancy watch– click here: ROLEX 3-DAY EVENT). It was an awesome gift for my birthday and although the weather was not cooperative (ie TORNADO WARNINGS) on the ride home, the weather AT Rolex was perfect.

So picture this: we, the”mom-type” duo, were carrying our chairs, bags, cameras, sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, rain coats and appropriate changes of shoes and clothes in preparation for the downpour. Lindsay even brought a plastic bag to put her wet shoes in. OH and the best part: (direct quote by Lindsay): “we need to stop and get money at the ATM and also snacks and water to take in ourselves. It will be twice as much in the park.” So…of course we did. :) As is our tradition to get funnel cakes at Rolex, we planned ahead for that too. Although unfortunately, the weather stormed us out before we were able to partake. :(

I was excited the MOST, however, to bring along my trusty camera to practice shooting the horse in action…especially over fences. I was really happy with how these images turned out…especially the ones with the blur. (Yes, it was intentional). Ideally, I could have eliminated the random people and other distractions (ie: the white rope “fence” around the course) but I couldn’t without photoshopping the begeebers out of it. So try to look past the distractions. 😉 Also, you’ll have to ask Lindsay who these rider/horse combos are. She knows them all. And I haven’t the clue. :) Enjoy the pictures! there are tons of them!! (more…)

Sounds of Spring RESULTS

Monday, April 26th, 2010

We have a treat in store for today!! I’m so stoked to introduce our guest judge: Sara Beth Raab of Southern Design Studio. Sara Beth and I go wayyy back to our equestrian days in knoxville. I could post pictures of her in her equestrian glory but she’d probably then refuse to entertain our contests from here on out. 😉 She is a professional photographer in Memphis and without her help and guidance, I’m afraid that this passion turned business of mine would not exist! Sara has an awesome eye for this art and she’s extremely experienced (daughter of photographers…she photographed her first wedding at the age of 16!!) I will feature her work here this week for my “Inspired” series so stay tuned for that. You will LOVE her work!!

Sara Beth took a great look and spent time going through your entries carefully. She addressed each photo offering some tough but helpful critiques to encourage you and help you with your photography skills…an invaluable tool that we all get to learn from! Thank you SOOO MUCH, Sara!!

Alright. Here we go!!…. (more…)

Spring Sounds (final round)

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Here they are!! Our guest judge will choose the winner and we will announce it Sunday! Good luck everyone!! Which one is YOUR very favorite? I have lots!! (more…)

brittany and phil

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

it was their anniversary…their one YEAR anniversary and they celebrated by starting the day with a photoshoot. :) Congratulations, guys!! Enjoy! (more…)

your spring sound photos (round 2)

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

yall…these are all GREAT shots!! They’re all going to the final round. Period. 😉 Tomorrow I will post the final round and then our guest judge will determine the winner for Friday!! Leave comments, tell us your favorites and why and encourage each other. :) Super job, everyone. I can hear the sounds in each one. Can you? (more…)

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