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sneak peek! and baby makes 4

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Get excited… you know how we love babies around here!!! 😉

“Preparing…you’re always preparing? just go?”

Monday, February 21st, 2011

{this is a line from my all-time favorite movie from my childhood: SPACEBALLS} and not advice you should actually follow for your equestrian session with priddysweet. 😉

So then, how DO you prepare? We talk in detail about styling and share ideas for your session long before it is executed. {That is part of the service that priddysweet provides to all clients}. But sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we’re doing for you (the human part of this equation) that we neglect to discuss how to prepare your equine friend.

1) Scout out places on your farm ahead of time. this will stream-line the process and minimize the extra excitement for your horse. Although most horses don’t have a problem touring the farm (the camera and lights don’t add too much in the way of shock for them either after the first 5 minutes), the less time spent on this “disruption of schedule” to your horse, the happier he will be.

2) Bathe, clip and groom horse ahead of time. Your portraits will be on your wall much longer than the time you’d be showing for (more…)

Oh happy day of love…

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Today is a day to celebrate the ones we love. Its Valentine’s Day!! Seriously, its one of my favorite days even though Brandon scoffs “its a corporate holiday.” {sour puss}

So yes… anyway, Happy Valentines Day!! Want to know how to make your own heart bokeh image like the one above? Sweet! Cause that’s what this post is about. (more…)

Happy Birthday, priddysweet

Friday, February 11th, 2011

The FIRST order of duty is to stop and give HUGE thanks to my incredible web-design team over at Warbux. Without them, well… would not exist!!! Literally. Priddysweet was Chad’s creative genius so when you think of how cool everything is on the site (including the name!!)–> think Chad. He is that awesome. {thanks, Warbux!!} If you need a website (or even just WANT one) you MUST check out Warbux. Seriously… THE best.

So yes. On this anniversary of our debut, I have to tell you something: I actually always wanted to be a painter. (My Gram is an awesome painter and our family is full of artists (and entrepreneurs) on my mom’s side). I am here: a masters degree in counseling psychology, 10 years of photography trial and error (mostly with film) and about 19 years of horsemanship, dressage and 3 day eventing–>working as a professional photographer. LOL. I guess its close? (no wonder I’m so addicted to canvas).

What do I make of this? The awesomest part is that its clear that God has a plan for me…even amidst all my distractions! I have infused every single element of my life, education and passion into what I do. I love the psychology. I love helping others to see the beauty in themselves and their surroundings. I love helping others to see different perspectives… helping lives to be a little brighter…a little more colorful… the way an artist does. And can it get any better than doing all of this with a horse?

This work has brought me more joy and more fulfillment than any other job I’ve had in my past… so much fulfillment that if I could afford to do it, I would to it without pay. THAT is how I know this is for me. I thank the Lord (daily) for the ability to live life to the fullest and pursue this passion of helping others. Thank you for the unending support, encouragement and especially for the smiles that grace my walls. YOU are the magic that makes this whole ride worthwhile! {the rest is just technical} 😉

Happy Birthday, Priddysweet!!! Here’s to many more!!

at brandon’s suggestion, we will be making a brownie cake with light blue icing to celebrate this weekend. haha!!

Sneak Peek: welcoming baby

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

You may recognize this glowing mom-to-be from her session last year. Get re-acquainted… more of this beautiful (growing) family is soon to come!!

Kati and Lex (part one)

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The first half of Kati and Lex’s session was a non-snow session–even though, yes, she is supposed to be in the snow. We have a split session! {Why?} Here’s hoping for snow…maybe even this weekend!

While we’re all waiting on snow, ya’ll need to stop by Kati’s blog and see what she’s doing over there. She talks about God, life, and horses, and I even saw some sweets she was baking there too– and we all know how I feel about those!! Not to mention, Kati is an insightful and candid writer!

Thanks, Kati (and Lex) and to the best 2 assistants (Holly and Kristen) ever!!! Get ready for round 2! But for now… view more images here!!

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