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Roseridge It’s called Love

Monday, November 28th, 2011

And I can see why– because I’m in LOVE with this horse. I have to share (*trivia fact!*) that I took my first EVER riding lessons on an American Saddlebred. My mom’s horse was the only Arabian in a barn full of Saddlebreds! And as “Cad” (short for Cadillac) moved further into his retirement (from western pleasure), I was transferred to a (much) bigger mount to continue learning my basics/intro to sitting in an english saddle. Perhaps it was those first ever riding lessons where I sat tall in a saddle seat that seeded my love for big, strong, long maned beauties (those who know me closest know my obsession with Friesians)… I’m not sure, but for a second there, I thought I saw my dream horse through this lens. I can’t say enough about how gorgeous and majestic this animal is. I only wish is that you could meet him in person. Be. still. my. heart.

Thank you, Karen, for sharing him with us… (more…)

Hope times 6

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

(months, that is). Remember this itty bitty baby? Hope is growing and growing and we are so blessed to witness it so close by. Although it goes by quickly and we’d never want to wish that first year away too quickly…secretly us Priddys can’t WAIT for Hope to grow up so that we can play with her. I can’t wait to stand in the kitchen window and watch the girls all build tree forts together and roll sideways down the grass hill like logs. I can’t wait to see them riding their big-wheels and have tea parties together. Girls are so much fun. And having Hope next door just makes it seem like we have 3. 😉 We love you, Hope! Enjoy this sweet little family that we hold dear to our hearts! (more…)

Nikki and Olivia

Monday, November 21st, 2011

This summer we did a contest for the CDCTS Spring 2011 horse show participants to win a session with priddysweet. Kate Wooten Diamond was our winner of the contest and upon acceptance of her prize asked if she could give the session to a young friend of hers. I believe the quote was, “she always takes photos of us at horse shows and never has any taken of her.” (so sweet…)
Fast forward a few months to the first week of November—meet Nikki and her mare Olivia. 😉 They had recently relocated to Dry Ridge Farm. It was our first time to shoot an equestrian session out there and we loved it. Many thanks to Kristen (as always) for the help! 😉 Enjoy!! (more…)

Knoxville Brrrr-tanical Gardens

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

We woke early… we headed out to East Knoxville to the Botanical Gardens.
Hats? Check.
3 layers of sweatshirts? check.
Ski jacket? Check.
The temperature– 40 degrees. Brrr!! But seriously, the last week of these leaves in such a beautiful setting…like we were going to miss THAT?!

Her mom and dad say that Tessa never really cries. And I have to testify that even after 45 minutes freezing her tush off, she only started a mild whine. This kiddo is TOUGH. Thankfully we had our warm cars, lots of heat and lots more smiles to go around. Tessa is 1!! And my heavens, isn’t she adorable!!? Enjoy!! (more…)

horse buddy in the making

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

This little guy LOVES hanging out at the farm… if you can’t tell. And this barn kitty is most certainly amused by the offering of a horse treat (pictured left) as you can see too. 😉 Matthew is very familiar with all the things a normal 2 year old knows and says but he has an advanced knowledge in the horse world already. Ask him: “what color is that horse?” and he’ll tell you straight up, “bay.”

Can you see why I just adore him?!? (more…)

Feature Friday: spooky sweets

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I hope you’ve all enjoyed eating too much candy this week. We certainly have. 😉

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