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Valentines Day limited edition session! :)

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Now is the time, y’all! Make your appointments for the CUTEST valentines to share!!! Think this is a great idea? Tell your friends by “Sharing” below! Can’t wait to capture your cupids! xoxo

LOVE letters Limited edition Valentines session, Priddysweet Portraiture 2013

The best app for Moms of preschoolers and up

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I was on pinterest the other day just doing my usual perusing and came across a pin that I MUST share with everyone if you haven’t done it yet!!

Raise your hand (or thumb) if you have a child of school or preschool age. Ok now raise your hand if you have a bunch of kid art in piles on various surfaces in your house…(go ahead, don’t be shy). Well, I DO!! When I was in Kindergarten, I specifically remember a time when I saw my art folder reducing in size. It absolutely broke my heart when my mom said “we can’t keep every single piece of art you bring home from school.” I could not for the life of me understand why!? But now, as a mother of two toddlers, I see the issue. Fortunately, new technologies give us easy and convenient ways around this.

Drum roll

“ARTKIVE” is an app you can download (its $2.99 and worth every penny!) that solves this problem! Take a picture of the art with your phone as it comes in. Artkive dates the image (you can change this if you are like me and have piles of old art work), allows you to choose which child made it, what grade they are in (includes preschool years in a drop down menu) and then saves the photo to a folder. When you have captured all you can possibly capture you push print and it PRINTS it in a BOOK (at a very reasonable price calculated per page) for you to keep! No more piles of art work and still a way to treasure your children’s artistic beginnings. :)

Seriously. GO. Download it now. You can thank me later. (Whoever developed the app, you’re awesome!!)

Share with your friends!! Tell the world!!

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