what is equestrian portraiture?

It’s you. It’s your horse. And most importantly it’s the relationship between the two of you.

My joy is to capture the most precious moments that only a true equestrian can capture. Training for and competing in the 3 – day – eventing world for much of my childhood gave me a great love for the sport. But waking up every morning to pick hooves and curry furry coats gave me the deepest love for the horse. I went to school, became a psychologist, and returned with greater understanding for the depth of emotion and connection that we all long for -and find- in our horse. They are our best friends… our confidantes. They trust us with their lives and we trust them with ours. There is no relationship so special and so unique… and for this reason, I chose to embark on this awesome journey as an artist. I want to give you living, breathing, moving images that capture this incredible bond between you and your horse. This is the very essence of equestrian portraiture. And this is the heart of priddysweet.

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meet elizabeth

An avid equestrian and true lover of art, Elizabeth merges her love of the horse, beauty and human relationship into her images.

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