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Just for laughs: a milestone

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Today, in preparation for an upcoming Combined Test that I have naively decided to participate in–in 2 weeks, I thought it wise to actually practice jumping since I haven’t technically jumped a “course” in about 12 years. :) Kati, who you might remember from last year, has graciously allowed Lex to enter for two rounds–one with her and one with me. (I can’t thank her enough for the opportunity!!) But as you can clearly see, Lex is not so happy about this idea. I’m just glad I didn’t have sand for dinner. Enjoy! (And enjoy Brandon’s commentary too) 😉

The BEST of 2011

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

2011 was an awesome year for Priddysweet. We met lots of new faces and new ponies, welcomed babies and captured grins. Thank you to all who helped make this past year so successful. I hope that these images on your walls at home lift your hearts and spirits for many years to come! Enjoy the slideshow!

Can’t see it on your iPhone or iPad? No worries! Watch it HERE on YouTube!

Was your experience with priddysweet “something to write home about?” If so, share your story below for a chance to win!!*

* Winner to be chosen by random selection drawing on January 16. Each story will get one entry for a chance to win $100 in prints!!! :) Share your story on our Facebook wall (priddysweet . portraiture .) and via Twitter too (make sure and tag @priddysweets) for additional entries to win! “Like” our page while you’re there and “Follow” us on twitter if you haven’t yet! Its worth it, I promise!! Thank you ALL!!

HAPPY 2012!!!!

Montgomery and Dawn

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Instant friends. That’s how I describe my friendship with Montgomery (“gummy” as she’s so dearly called). I feel like I’ve known her for my whole life and sometimes forget that we’ve barely known her for less than a year. She is a crazy awesome girl…one with a passion for horses and art (and photography which is how our story begins), a big heart, a contagious smile and a laugh that would make even a grinch’s heart fill with joy. I can’t say enough about how I’ve loved getting to know her and I can only imagine that this sweet little baby on the way will spread as much cheer. Enjoy a peek in at Gum’s equine maternity session with her most gorgeous quarter horse “Dawn.” Many thanks to Lindsay and Hillary for helping us get these awesome shots! (click HERE to view the slideshow of them all!) (more…)

Roseridge It’s called Love

Monday, November 28th, 2011

And I can see why– because I’m in LOVE with this horse. I have to share (*trivia fact!*) that I took my first EVER riding lessons on an American Saddlebred. My mom’s horse was the only Arabian in a barn full of Saddlebreds! And as “Cad” (short for Cadillac) moved further into his retirement (from western pleasure), I was transferred to a (much) bigger mount to continue learning my basics/intro to sitting in an english saddle. Perhaps it was those first ever riding lessons where I sat tall in a saddle seat that seeded my love for big, strong, long maned beauties (those who know me closest know my obsession with Friesians)… I’m not sure, but for a second there, I thought I saw my dream horse through this lens. I can’t say enough about how gorgeous and majestic this animal is. I only wish is that you could meet him in person. Be. still. my. heart.

Thank you, Karen, for sharing him with us… (more…)

Nikki and Olivia

Monday, November 21st, 2011

This summer we did a contest for the CDCTS Spring 2011 horse show participants to win a session with priddysweet. Kate Wooten Diamond was our winner of the contest and upon acceptance of her prize asked if she could give the session to a young friend of hers. I believe the quote was, “she always takes photos of us at horse shows and never has any taken of her.” (so sweet…)
Fast forward a few months to the first week of November—meet Nikki and her mare Olivia. 😉 They had recently relocated to Dry Ridge Farm. It was our first time to shoot an equestrian session out there and we loved it. Many thanks to Kristen (as always) for the help! 😉 Enjoy!! (more…)

horse buddy in the making

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

This little guy LOVES hanging out at the farm… if you can’t tell. And this barn kitty is most certainly amused by the offering of a horse treat (pictured left) as you can see too. 😉 Matthew is very familiar with all the things a normal 2 year old knows and says but he has an advanced knowledge in the horse world already. Ask him: “what color is that horse?” and he’ll tell you straight up, “bay.”

Can you see why I just adore him?!? (more…)

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