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Aimee and Ace

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

priddysweet equestrian You’ve never felt fur as soft as Ace’s, FYI. Truly. (just a little random thought to start out their post) LOL. Aimee and Ace (and Todd too!) met me early early in the morning with hopes for catching some misty fog out at the farm. While we didn’t catch any fog, we did catch some great moments. And one of those moments might just be my next new canvas (sorry, Brandon…) ;). You all know I can’t resist!!! Enjoy! (more…)

Christi and Ziggy

Monday, October 31st, 2011

priddysweet equestrian
Well, I’ve loved this horse since I first laid eyes on him (at a horse show in May) and now I love him even more that I know him, as well as his “mom” (Christi) and “grandma” (Christi’s mom) too! We had so much fun. And I loved watching these two interact. They are truly a sweet, sweet combination. Enjoy! (more…)

Shelly and Gracie

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

If you can’t tell from the images, these two are very special friends. Shelly has had Gracie for over 10 years. And while the seasons are changing in their lives, their bond will not be broken. I’m so happy that they had an opportunity to share this time together and am HONORED to have witnessed and captured this relationship. Enjoy a peek inside! (more…)

Wild Horse Chase

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

photo credit:

Google image “Wild Horses, Corolla NC” and you’ll see the vision of what I was EXPECTING to see when I deflated the tires to 20 psi in my 4WD land yacht and set out toward the Virginia state line on the beach road (ie: the picture to the left). The road was literally–the beach– which, if you know me, is pretty much right up my alley. (My friends and I have fond memories of my “4-wheeling” as a teen. Unfortunately, so do my parents). This was no exception. People apparently get stuck all the time hence the signs saying “ONLY 4WD vehicles past this point.” And “NO STOPPING for any reason.” {To the gal in the camry: you should definitely bust a U-ey}

All this— to see the wild horses.

They are a famous attraction there in the Outer Banks. These herds’ direct ancestors were the Spanish and Portuguese Barb stock brought over when the Spaniards explored the coast in the 1500’s. Bred for their ability to (more…)

Tennessee memories

Monday, August 1st, 2011

www.priddysweet.comAlisa came to visit friends and see the sights in Tennessee. What she thought would be a week or two turned into 5 or 6 as she fell in love with the break from life up north. Her last few days in town, she (more…)

ROLEX 2011

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

We woke up at 5:20am. Armed with a 2 tea cakes and a half a dozen lemon cookies from Ham & Goody’s ,the cameras and some gum, we hopped in the car and headed toward Lexington. A perfectly awesome day, 3 sunburns, 18 hours and 6 sore legs later, we (more…)

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