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The power of the story

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Everyone has a lens through which they see the world and everyone’s view is a little bit different. The lenses are shaped by our stories and these stories are what give our lives meaning.

There is power in a story.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It has the ability to tell a story with OUT words. Photographs are secret story tellers. They allow us to revisit stories with a glance. This is one reason I’m so drawn to creating them. I think the story is truly the essence of the art.

I want you to look at some images below. Some have a clear story. Some have back stories. Some have different stories to each viewer. I will share my thoughts below and ask that you do the same by leaving a comment if any of them move you as well. Tell me what story the image tells YOU. {This is a great exercise}.

A. “The road to unknown.”
To me, this image represents faith. Obviou (more…)

spoonfuls of marketing

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

I woke up yesterday thinking –birthdays are always about the one who was BORN on that day but little is acknowledged for the person/people who BIRTHED that day. Does anyone else ever think that? For some reason, probably since I’m now a mom, I always do. So, mad props to my mom for going through the 9 months (nevermind the 33years) to literally carry me around and then the hours of labor to deliver me to this world many moons ago. And to dad for the multiple trips to the grocery to buy pepperoncinis in bulk.

love you guys.

So you probably gather from my previous posts (and the name of my business) that anything involving sweets is a favorite day in my calendar year. Birthdays especially since

I.                           LOVE.                             CAKE.

There is a special place in my heart for butter and sugar and vanilla (the chair I sit in can contest). I eat icing by the spoonful. This day is the greatest exc (more…)

Oh happy day of love…

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Today is a day to celebrate the ones we love. Its Valentine’s Day!! Seriously, its one of my favorite days even though Brandon scoffs “its a corporate holiday.” {sour puss}

So yes… anyway, Happy Valentines Day!! Want to know how to make your own heart bokeh image like the one above? Sweet! Cause that’s what this post is about. (more…)

IN FOCUS tuesday

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Phew. Its been a busy summer (so far). And I realized that not only have we had no photography assignments or contests or anything of the sort lately, but we haven’t even had any reviews or photography tips either! The time has come! Lets talk about Aperture so we can come up with a fun assignment to go along with it.

Now, before we begin…you might revisit the other links about your dSLR cameras just for review. I’ll wait. Go ahead. IN FOCUS: camera basics and IN FOCUS: camera basics continued 😉 All set? Ok.

QUESTION: how do you get the background of your picture to be blurry?

ANSWER: by adjusting aperture.

What is Aperture? well lets think of it like the pupil of your eye. The pupil dilates to let in more light…so the opening is LARGER to let in the most light. When there is lots of light around your pupil contracts and gets smaller to reduce the amount coming in. Your lens on your DSLR camera works in a similar way. When you close down the aperture (get ready to get confused…its when the f/ number is HIGHER like f/22), you let in less light. When you open the aperture value (f/ number is SMALLER f/1.8), more light comes in. The strange part is that the numbers are lower for a bigger aperture. (*for technical gurus…its b/c the value is a fraction). Nice, huh?

here’s a diagram of how it works. Notice the value of the f stops at very small aperture openings versus the value of the f-stops with very large openings.

Screen shot 2010-07-06 at 3.54.59 PM

Aperture also controls depth of field which is what causes your backgrounds to be blurry. The wider apertures (think lower number) yield LESS depth of field which means that less of your image is in focus. This is great for portraits because we can focus on our subjects and disregard whatever background they’re standing in front of (to an extent) because it will be blurred out. BUT all of this can’t happen without the cooperation of shutter speed and ISO which we will begin to cover next week…so stay tuned. 😉

Read more in depth coverage of Aperture here.

Happy snapping!

IN FOCUS: fluff and fur

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

This week our assignment is to capture fluff and fur. Now, while this does not suggest that you crawl under your couch and get pictures of dust bunnies (you all know that my brother will do that now) all interpretations of the subject are welcome. We are doing this for a guest critique again since you all liked the feedback last time. :) Do your best! All pictures will be evaluated and we will only have ONE ROUND so that means you’ll have to get crackin’ ASAP. Start sending me your photos today! You have until midnight Thursday to send in your one picture.

Ways to submit photos:

1) upload a photo on the priddysweet . portraiture fan page on Facebook
2) email your photo to

only ONE picture! So choose your very favorite one!! 😉

Good luck everyone!! And be on the lookout later this week for a lesson on more photography basics!! Its time to get geared up and focused again. 😉


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Sounds of Spring RESULTS

Monday, April 26th, 2010

We have a treat in store for today!! I’m so stoked to introduce our guest judge: Sara Beth Raab of Southern Design Studio. Sara Beth and I go wayyy back to our equestrian days in knoxville. I could post pictures of her in her equestrian glory but she’d probably then refuse to entertain our contests from here on out. 😉 She is a professional photographer in Memphis and without her help and guidance, I’m afraid that this passion turned business of mine would not exist! Sara has an awesome eye for this art and she’s extremely experienced (daughter of photographers…she photographed her first wedding at the age of 16!!) I will feature her work here this week for my “Inspired” series so stay tuned for that. You will LOVE her work!!

Sara Beth took a great look and spent time going through your entries carefully. She addressed each photo offering some tough but helpful critiques to encourage you and help you with your photography skills…an invaluable tool that we all get to learn from! Thank you SOOO MUCH, Sara!!

Alright. Here we go!!…. (more…)

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