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The best app for Moms of preschoolers and up

Friday, January 18th, 2013

I was on pinterest the other day just doing my usual perusing and came across a pin that I MUST share with everyone if you haven’t done it yet!!

Raise your hand (or thumb) if you have a child of school or preschool age. Ok now raise your hand if you have a bunch of kid art in piles on various surfaces in your house…(go ahead, don’t be shy). Well, I DO!! When I was in Kindergarten, I specifically remember a time when I saw my art folder reducing in size. It absolutely broke my heart when my mom said “we can’t keep every single piece of art you bring home from school.” I could not for the life of me understand why!? But now, as a mother of two toddlers, I see the issue. Fortunately, new technologies give us easy and convenient ways around this.

Drum roll

“ARTKIVE” is an app you can download (its $2.99 and worth every penny!) that solves this problem! Take a picture of the art with your phone as it comes in. Artkive dates the image (you can change this if you are like me and have piles of old art work), allows you to choose which child made it, what grade they are in (includes preschool years in a drop down menu) and then saves the photo to a folder. When you have captured all you can possibly capture you push print and it PRINTS it in a BOOK (at a very reasonable price calculated per page) for you to keep! No more piles of art work and still a way to treasure your children’s artistic beginnings. :)

Seriously. GO. Download it now. You can thank me later. (Whoever developed the app, you’re awesome!!)

Share with your friends!! Tell the world!!

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Just in time for the holidays!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Smartphone options available:

iphone 4S
iphone 4
iphone 3
iPod touch (4th generation)
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S2
HTC Desire
Blackberry 9900
Blackberry 9700
Blackberry 8520

Ready to order one? Click here, send a note and lets get started!

Mini Sessions 2012!!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

We’re so excited to announce that mini sessions are back in 2012! WOO HOO!!!! And this year, we are including digital items for the first time ever!!!

So what are Mini Sessions?

Mini Sessions are a smaller version of the real thing. They are 30 minute time slots versus the 2-4 hour full session times. They are great times to update photos for Christmas Cards and/or to document the year for scrapbooks/photo journals…even to update your wall art! These mini sessions are also great because they’re a great deal!

Grab your buddies and send an email to: (or CLICK HERE) with the subject “MiniSessions” and we’ll get everyone scheduled! I truly can not wait to see you all and your amazing horses!!!

Questions? Ask me anything!! :)

Find us on facebook too!! See you all VERY SOON!! :)

Not “if” but “when”

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

As I sit here at my computer with my back to the gorgeous day outside my window, I hear the giggles of my girls outside building a bridge out of big cardboard blocks and pretending a troll is guarding it. The littlest runs in, “Mom!! Mom!! Come see what we built!!” I stop, push out my chair from my desk and go to the doorway to see.

“No! come all the way outside! Then…close your eyes…”

I realize that the most this child has seen of my face all day was at breakfast and I hear a voice inside say, “you. are. missing. it.”

I walk out onto the driveway, close my eyes and ignore the phone ringing in the background. This is their time. “SURPRISE! Open your (more…)

The BEST of 2011

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

2011 was an awesome year for Priddysweet. We met lots of new faces and new ponies, welcomed babies and captured grins. Thank you to all who helped make this past year so successful. I hope that these images on your walls at home lift your hearts and spirits for many years to come! Enjoy the slideshow!

Can’t see it on your iPhone or iPad? No worries! Watch it HERE on YouTube!

Was your experience with priddysweet “something to write home about?” If so, share your story below for a chance to win!!*

* Winner to be chosen by random selection drawing on January 16. Each story will get one entry for a chance to win $100 in prints!!! :) Share your story on our Facebook wall (priddysweet . portraiture .) and via Twitter too (make sure and tag @priddysweets) for additional entries to win! “Like” our page while you’re there and “Follow” us on twitter if you haven’t yet! Its worth it, I promise!! Thank you ALL!!

HAPPY 2012!!!!

Why simplify?

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Take a second and inventory your personal and professional photographs. Where are your _________ photos? (fill in the blank with a recent/relevant set of images….wedding photos, children’s baby pictures, family photos…). Where are they? Tell the truth– (leave your answer in a comment below if you are so brave). :)

I’ll tell you my answers:

My pictures from college and younger are in scrapbooks (appropriately)
My pictures from my wedding? well- I have a stack of prints in a (more…)

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