February 24, 2010


“The hooves of horses!
Oh! witching and sweet
Is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet;
No whisper of lover, no trilling of bird,
Can stir me as much as hooves of horses
Have stirred.” -Ogilvie

alright. so technically fawkes is not a “filly” anymore but…if she has her way, she’ll continue to be known as one. 😉 i had a blast photographing Lindsay and Fawkes over the weekend. the weather was perfect. we got out. we got some vitamin D and we caught some great shots in the process. enjoy!!










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21 Comments to fancy filly

  1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for the wonderful pictures of Fawkes and me. Your style of avoiding the “stiff poses” suited us well, and your horse sense made for a fun and relaxed experience that resulted in images I am so happy to share. I’m looking forward to another session with some riding shots!

  2. The pleasure was all mine, of course!! And I can’t wait to do a riding session! favorites!!!

  3. Beautiful pictures of both Lindsey and the horse. I especially like the monochromatic phots. Good work Liz

  4. those look great!!! sure wish I had a horse………

  5. you, too, could have a horse, honey….if you bought one for me first!!

  6. Pictures are great!!!!

  7. Athena wants a session!

  8. I live in Knoxville….do you do photo shoots over here? These shots of Lindsey are wonderful. I watched her grow up! :-)

    Cathy Morrison
    Knoxville, TN

  9. Thanks, Heather!! Athena is definitely on my list! …meece rosie might be jealous so we’ll catch a few of her too. 😉

  10. Hey Cathy! glad you like the pictures! I do shoots in Knox! and you’re now entered to win a free one! stay tuned!

  11. These photographs are fantastic, Elizabeth. Truly fantastic. Great job!

  12. Elizabeth,
    Those are truly fantastic photos! Lindsay looks beautiful !
    Big John wants to know if you have a wide angle lens….
    You need to meet Liberty. He’s a classmate of Faulkes and Athena.
    Let me know when you’ll be in Knox. this summer. I’d love a session with you!
    Susan Hill

  13. Thanks, Susan!!! I’d love to photograph your boys! and tell Big John we’ll pick the perfect lens for his handsome bod. 😉

  14. Gorgeous photos!!! I especially love the black and white one with Linny’s eyes closed and the one of Fawkes close up. She look wild in that photo! Lovely!!

  15. If you do a photo shoot at our place, you can practice pics of goats too! Nice photos of Lindsay and Fawkes. I’m sure your business will be a big success.

  16. Thank you all for your sweet comments!! :)

  17. Beautiful girls all the way around. Lindsey,you just look like you belong with a horse. I bet you had fun doing this.

  18. Anyone that knows horses, knows how difficult it is to photograph them without their ears pinned back! These are spectacular, and I would definitely recommend you to all my equine-loving friends… starting with me!! Soo……. interested in shooting a particularly spunky Arab named Midnite TTTTTTTTserenade? :)

  19. I thought I’d have another gander at this photo shoot…I can’t get over how grown up Fawkes is! Really beautiful pictures Elizabeth!!

  20. Thanks, Katherine!

  21. Really cool shots my talented daughter-in-law took of two beautiful fillies.
    Only thing prettier I can think of are my darling granddaughters, Audrey, Madeline and Caroline.
    Carmen and I are at Shelton Wineries picking up my 50th birthday barrell.
    We will toast fine wine and fine fillies.

    Have a great weekend, Friends.

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