SUGAR.That’s what our diets consisted of. All day. At the Erie County fair (near Buffalo, NY). Caramel apples, funnel cake, ice cream, ice cold lemonade….with a side of italian sausage and some chiavettas chicken in there too.


we had so much fun (ALLL DAAAY) that after we got the girls in bed, me and Brandon went BACK to ride the rides on a special “fair date” (yee haw). But I must say, it was a BLAST to just go and have fun…no kids, no schedule other than the park is closing at 11!


The biggest problem we early 30 somethings encountered::: we’re not as young as we once were. And the loud music ride that goes around (the cars look like a sleigh)

You know…THIS THING: Aug2010NY030web YA’LL I thought I was going to a) fly out (*thank goodness I ate all that fatty food earlier, huh? LOL!!) b) puke c) have to go back to the neurologist to re-diagnose and treat my vertigo d) pee my pants or e) all of the above

You think I’m joking.

I kept saying to Brandon, “I don’t remember it going this fast when I was younger. Do you think they sped it up?”
and “when you’re wondering when the ride is going to end, you’re getting too old to ride it.”


So THEN we decided to spend our tickets on the SWINGS! Bad decision. Especially following that loud music circle thing. OMG, you guys. I was wishing for THAT to end too! NOT a good place for a person who has problems with dizziness. Even Brandon was giving me the “Lindsay-Look*” like “i’m not sure that I’m not going to go flying into the pole in the center of this swing ride.”


*Lindsay’s thoughts on fairs and carnivals: (paraphrase) “um. if the ride didn’t exist in that place last week, I’m pretty sure its not safe.”


So, yes, I’m beginning to embrace this new era of my life…of OLDness– letting go of the “I want to ride the loud and fast fair rides” in exchange for the “I’m going to go look at the quilt exhibit because its airconditioned in there and I can eat my funnel cake without flies on it” fair lifestyle.

Does this mean I won’t ride “Everest” at Disney? heck no. But fair rides? Yeah… I’ll stick to watching pig races and tractor pulls.


This shot was taken at the top of the big ferris wheel. And yes, I was nervous the whole time that my camera would fall! But I love the colors and couldn’t resist!! Ferris Wheel: right up my alley. 😉


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2 Comments to feature friday: funnel cakes-fast rides

  1. These are amazing. You make me want to go to the fair, but don’t think I’ll be riding any rides :-)

  2. I tell ya, Sam…the rides are not all they’re cracked up to be. LOL!!!

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