I don’t know if ya’ll have gathered this but I’m tragically (not really…ok…I am) addicted to sugar. I mean, I love the stuff. Hence the name: PRIDDY. SWEET. Last name: priddy. First name: sweets. “Life is sweet” for me!! usually!! and usually LITERALLY!!! :) I can eat sweets day and night and be happy as a lark. Therefore when Beth and Jeff came to visit last weekend I found it extremely opportune to enlist their joyous spirits to a day of cookie-baking with the girls. We made these cookies “for gwram.” (that’s gram). Although I will admit that I kept a few back to munch on through the week. Usually for breakfast (SHHH!!! don’t tell the girls!!!) 😉 And you can argue its not healthy but truly, my sugar cookie can’t be much worse than a nutra grain bar…or a waffle… or a pancake… See? its justified!?!

Madeline cut and baked. Audrey iced and decorated. No, I can’t handle 2 toddlers (363 days apart in age) doing cut out cookies at the same time. Don’t judge me. 😉

Thanks for all your help, Aunt Beth!!! (Uncle Jeff and Brandon took Audrey to the “donut store” while we cut out the cookies…so thank you to them too!!)

mmm…this is making me hungry again. 😉

Enjoy this tasty season,

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4 Comments to feature friday:most wonderful time of the year

  1. Your girls are so adorable! Every time Mom sees pictures of them she always says – just as beautiful as Elizabeth!

  2. Thank goodness someone is carrying on the tradition of Christmas cookies. I have fond memories of Gram Wagner starting to bake early in the season so she would have all those wonderful cookies available for Christmas…..most never made it. She would hide them under her cabinets in the kitchen and those lucky enough to visit her on baking day had a real treat. It was like Easter and Christmas rolled into one… look for the hidden cookies and eat them when found. She spent most of the visit chasing us out of the cabinet , but she was always patience and tried to teach us how to do it correctly. Always use the best ingredients, she would say. Yep, Gram was right. and while she has been gone from us over 20 years, her legacy lives on and I know she is smiling as she watches Madeline cut out her cookies. Pretty soon it will be time to make Gingerbread houses..I cant wait.

  3. well, she would NOT be proud of our ingredients. :) but at some point we will get more time to make them from scratch. :) And I know Madeline will LOVE it.

  4. How cute! WE had Iris making cookies with mom at Thanksgiving did you see our pics?

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