May 5, 2010

I want to apologize for disappearing for what seems like forever. We have been dealing with an unprecedented amount of flooding here in Nashville and its just taking all of my energy and time to keep up with life around here. And although we were lucky to be safe in our home at the top of the hill, never before have I ever seen anything like this in my life….at least not personally. Our “music city” is more like a bucket of water. The rain started Saturday morning and didn’t stop until Sunday evening. The flood waters rose so rapidly that people were trapped in their homes or on their roofs…all having to be rescued by boat…some having to be rescued through raging waters. At least 10 have been confirmed dead, some still missing, and over 1,000 rescues over the weekend alone. Buildings floating down the interstate, cars piled on top of each other, people dying trapped in their cars on the interstate as the waters rose so rapidly. Horses trapped and rescued, neighbors taking strangers bottled water by boat, a community filling up rescue boats with their pets….helicopters flying above capturing it all on tape…and not ONE commercial on network television all day Sunday. The city could not break from the live coverage. And yet still, most of the country didn’t know much more than “Nashville got a lot of rain.” In fact, the national news media hasn’t done much more than mention this disaster in passing. The cumberland river rose and rose until it overtook the banks, filled up the Titan’s stadium, flooded 1st, 2nd and Broadway downtown and filled the Schermerhorn Symphony hall with more than 20 feet of water. The roads on the east bank of the river are still completely flooded, Shelby park and Shelby Bottoms Greenway are a big lake. You literally can’t see the rooftops of the buildings there. The Grand Ole Opry house is ruined, Opryland Hotel is completely filled with water…plants, tables and chairs floating through the atriums….Opry Mills Mall is a lake. Nothing is salvagable… and it will cost countless BILLIONS to get us out of this mess. It is a horrible, tragic disaster….but somehow, someway there is a silver lining (if at all imaginable). Our community has banded together, strangers helping strangers, no one is stealing, everyone is helping. A baby was delivered in a boat, friends helped find doctors and nurses in the same flooded neighborhood to help the woman in labor who was trapped in the flood. Pets were carried out of homes and loaded into boats, horses rescued when literally up to their eyes in water…amazing things have happened here before our eyes. People are working together and helping rescue each other. Over 9,000 people have signed up to help Hands On Nashville in the past 2 days. There are too many volunteers for jobs at this time. Who hears of things like THAT? Too many volunteers for right now?? Our city officials have done an outstanding job protecting the citizens and every officer I have encountered has been incredibly kind, patient and helpful. I think to myself, “what has happened in this city???” Something tragic yet amazing. We didn’t need anyone to tell us to go help…we just did it. And a little hope is restored in humanity…but especially in this city. Way to go, Nashville.

Here are the pictures I took on Sunday and Monday evenings. I apologize for the blur and the snapshot photography…but it really is indicative of the state of our city. No time to mess with “settings”…just get the shot.



These homes are at the bottom of the hill below our house. This was taken Monday morning. The water was still rising.


Shelby Bottoms Greenway…a complete lake…at least 6-10 feet of water where there should be walkways.


Ruins in Fairview…. clothes, personal belongings and even furniture left in the trees after the water receded…


This is mild compared to many of the homes in Bellevue which were completely submerged.


Families banding together to sort through the debris.


The water was so high and moving so fast. This is all river debris. Completely flooded on Sunday, and gone by Monday evening.



The water had already receded by many feet in the picture below. Look at the line on the trees. This was Monday PM. Tonight (Tuesday) the roads were open and we drove through. Water is going down quickly…thankfully….


The Harpeth river getting ready to take out the bridge.




Gasoline tanks floating in the soccer complex, Bellevue.


This is supposed to be a soccer complex, not a lake.



Also, here is a link to pictures of Opryland Hotel. I will try to post more as I see them. Opryland Hotel is especially sickening to me. It reminds me of the Titanic.

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3 Comments to on dry ground

  1. Actually the news has said a lot about the flooding in Nashville, that’s a lot of what they have been talking about, especially the radio stations. Everyday since the flood all they have been doing is asking for donations on tv and radio for money to help the people in Nashville.

  2. The Tennessee news has been great. But the fact that half the people in Texas didn’t know until yesterday that we had a flood, is just wrong. The radio stations here have been doing a great job too. Props to them!! Keep it coming! :)

  3. Sigh…

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