April 13, 2011

I woke up yesterday thinking –birthdays are always about the one who was BORN on that day but little is acknowledged for the person/people who BIRTHED that day. Does anyone else ever think that? For some reason, probably since I’m now a mom, I always do. So, mad props to my mom for going through the 9 months (nevermind the 33years) to literally carry me around and then the hours of labor to deliver me to this world many moons ago. And to dad for the multiple trips to the grocery to buy pepperoncinis in bulk.

love you guys.

So you probably gather from my previous posts (and the name of my business) that anything involving sweets is a favorite day in my calendar year. Birthdays especially since

I.                           LOVE.                             CAKE.

There is a special place in my heart for butter and sugar and vanilla (the chair I sit in can contest). I eat icing by the spoonful. This day is the greatest excuse to go all out. (I hope you all will visit me in the hospital when I go into a sugar-coma). I’m only half- joking.

When I saw this at the store (you know, my favorite one– Trader Joe’s), Betty Crocker lost a piece of my heart (and my wallet). And I thought to myself, —why am I attracted to this over the red spoon I’ve grown up with? Notice the boxes pictured to the left are not on the store shelf, they are in my kitchen.

And so I thought I’d break it down. Of course I’m relatively brand loyal (we all are) but I’ve never tried Trader Joe’s cake mix before. So to go from my tried and true “go-to” of Betty Crocker to this new, unexplored mix is a big deal. Right? (Especially for a BIRTHDAY cake!?! LOL)  The best answer I could come up with was “I think the box is cute.” (lame answer, I know. But obviously powerful enough to persuade me to buy it).

Ah-ha! I’m attracted to the box! Lets analyze it.

1) Its pink and brown which is the latest and greatest color combo for all things babies, weddings etc for the past 5-6+ years. Many things that women decorate/plan (again, weddings & nurseries) somehow involve this color combo. Maybe you’ve noticed too. (If not, just look around). Using this color combo translates subconsciously to me that: trader joes is “current.”  No one wants to buy antiquated, right? Right. (take note of that, business owners).

2) There is nothing feminine about this shade of bright red and white. It reminds me of a fire-engine. The Betty Crocker box screams “man cake” when compared to the Trader Joe’s box (again, simply my opinion). I personally do not see many average household men baking cakes. (Although my husband and the girls swear they are going to make the cake for my birthday this year).  I often see guys going out and purchasing a cake rather than getting out the mixer (yes,I understand that many famous bakers are, indeed men. I’m also fairly confident that neither manufacturer is targeting famous bakers with their cake mix). 😉  So Betty’s color scheme is aiming in the wrong direction in my humble opinion. My thoughts: go feminine in colors, lines, and fonts with cake mix. Your market is women (as a majority). Trader Joe’s gets a thumbs up.



{I circled in the image above 2 key things I thought were effective to Trader Joes’ marketing this cake mix. The font and the very curvy graphic cake stand.}

When you think about it, not only are (we) women the ones making the cake from a box but women are also the traditional marketplace shoppers. Women are going to be the majority of what Trader Joe’s sees in their stores on a daily basis.  The font and the curves (in addition to the warm colors) are attractive to that target audience/market because they symbolize women (curves) and have an inherent (remember, its subconscious) trust-factor related to them. As women, we tend to trust women. Because, you know, they’ve “been through” what we’ve “been through”…they “understand us.”

While this is certainly (to the logical and conscious mind) a bunch of baloney, it truly does speak to the subconscious in us. Think about the products you’re attracted to. Look at their boxes. Then ask yourself “why?” Make a list of the features of the brand or product. You might be surprised.

And when you are considering your own business and branding, REALLY think about colors, fonts and styles of graphics and how they effect your target market (aka: your shoppers)! :)



Can you think of a product you have purchased or a brand that you’ve encountered that adequately represents its target market? If so, share it in the comment section below! :)

*ALSO– If  enjoyed reading or you found this post useful and think it would benefit a friend to read, please consider sharing it. I would appreciate it and your friends might too!!*


As for me, I’m going to have some cake… I’ll have a slice for you. (and you, and you, and you too…all of you!!) 😉 I LOVE BIRTHDAYS!! WOO HOO!!



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  1. Completely agree with you!

  2. great read!! pearls of wisdom :)

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