December 7, 2010

We have a bittersweet milestone in our household. And HOW I’m dealing with this AS WELL as I am is… surprising. Truly. As Audrey turns 3 we are letting go of “Big Green.” This isn’t easy for anyone. But I kind of expected it to be harder for the 3 yr old than the 30 yr old. And like my wedding day or both of my childrens’ first breaths…you know…those few moments you can practically re-experience because you have it engraved on your heart— like that— I will never forget yesterday. Audrey came and sat on my lap…tears everywhere…tragically missing her big green. (“Big green” is the big GREEN soothie pacifier…named so eloquently by my *awesome* brother when Audrey was born. They sent the pacifier home with us from the hospital and they’ve been together ever since). CUE THE TEARS. I explained to her, “when we turn 3, we are big girls and then its time to give our big greens to the babies who need them. So we will pack them up and “give them to Lily Kate” (who is almost 6mos old). (While we won’t actually expect Lily Kate to use them, we need to “give them to her.”).

So why am I crying? I don’t consider myself to be an OVERLY emotional person (like…I don’t cry in EVERY sad movie…just the extremely sad ones) 😉 Audrey’s reply to my “when we turn 3 we give our big greens to the babies” comment was:

“I want to be 2.”

I just took a deep breath and beheld her sweet little face as I watched her grow up a little more right before my eyes.

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8 Comments to stay little…

  1. Awww liz!

  2. Awww…It seems like yesterday my god daughter was that small. We visited her in Pittsburgh this weekend (they currently live in Switzerland), and it’s amazing how fast they grow. She’ll be 7 in March, but it seems like last year she looked like this picture! Isn’t is amazing the things they can come up with though?

  3. You just made me cry. Thanks a lot. 😉

  4. That is precious.

  5. You made me cry Liz, I can’t believe she will be 3…Very sweet

  6. Ya’ll are so sweet. I’m crying too!! TRUST ME!! I just can’t believe how fast its going…

  7. Liz, Its already past for me……

  8. Don’t worry, Mom…I’m always your baby. 😉

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