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feature friday: new orleans or bust

Friday, October 8th, 2010

a couple of weeks ago we ventured to New Orleans (and Baton Rouge) to celebrate Brandon’s birthday and to go to the WVU/LSU game. I’d never been to New Orleans before so this was a very exciting adventure for me too! I have no doubt that we walked 15 miles in 2 days. We stayed in the Hilton next to the Riverwalk and we literally walked EVERYWHERE (No seriously, we got on the trolley ONCE…to go about .5 mile and in our last hour of time in New Orleans). We walked to bourbon street twice a day and all over the warehouse district on Friday. My legs were complete jello when we hopped in the car on Saturday morning to drive to Baton Rouge. But that was ok, we ate enough to not lose one pound from all the walking. LOL. Have ya’ll ever eaten the beignets at Cafe du Monde?! OMG…I could eat them everyday?!?!?! The powdered sugar was poured on top by the CUP (like, measuring cup) full!! New Orleans was amazing. It just seemed that everywhere you turned there were artists and culinary geniuses at every corner. The food was unbelievable…the drinks were terrible (drinks as in the frozen _____ (fill in the blank…you choose) on bourbon street. UGH! The margarita was like this nasty tart/tangy UGH and I thought “I’ll try the hurricane….you know, for the experience.” bad choice. Stick to what you know. Or regret spending the $9 on a nasty, cheap powdered mix on a glob of ice. :) (more…)

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