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Thursday, June 14th, 2012

If you follow me on Facebook, you might notice a bunch of my updates starting with “Gift ____: ” With lots of change in the air around here, my meantime has been spent seeking peace and fulfillment by counting God’s blessings in the seemingly ordinary. Pen + Paper. Literally.

You see things differently when you are looking for God’s gifts. I didn’t believe it but its true. Pulling out of the driveway this morning I, in my inattention, looked down to secure my water from spilling on the hill and ran off the right side of the driveway. I sideswiped the gate. The new, wood gate. I stop the car once I hear the screech. There is still friction between the wood and the car’s paint.

Deep breath. Now what?

I go backward. Screech—> POP! The first picket of the gate flies off and hits the ground. I go forward. Screech. Now the scratch (approaching 18″ in height) goes from the passenger front door to the back bumper.

The gate sets me free. I get out to evaluate. Sigh.

Returning to the drivers seat (still in park), I sit in silence. I reach for my notebook. God, show me a gift… but there is no notebook (it figures). I just sit in the driveway trying to breathe, now answering the questions of the little inquirers in the backseat. Sad to have severely scratched this investment and yet searching for gifts to give thanks at the same time.

187: Grace & Forgiveness.
188: Warnings to PAY ATTENTION.

I sat with 188 for a minute letting it sink in. This situation happened in my own yard to my own property and my distracted driving did not result in an accident involving others at a higher speed in a situation much more severe. There is a gift! There is a GIFT!! I think– What if I had run off the road, hit an animal, car or pedestrian??– what I would give for the situation I actually experienced! Instantly I feel blessed.

Deep blue paint sketched down the side of my gate.


My car looking exponentially worse than with any scratch I’ve seen on it before. Blessed. This is a gift… Scratching the heck out of my car and breaking the gate… a gift.

As situations unfold and Gods gifts are continually revealed, I’m eager to find the treasure in what looks like the junk yard. I think this is what it means to live life to the fullest, right where you are. Ordinary experiences turned extraordinary just in giving thanks for them.

53. Christmas carols in June
59. Chickens running through the grass
68. Bare toes in summertime
102. Flowers in fields
143. The sounds of smoothies slurping through neon straws
146. Bouquets of sun
155. A gas station when the gas gauge reads 3 miles til empty
190. Horse hair on my phone’s touch screen
197. Baby birds looking up, seeking nourishment


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