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My favorite view

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

When we first moved in to our house overlooking shelby bottoms greenway, we had no idea what we were getting. All we knew was that for as close to downtown Nashville as we were, we were extremely blessed to have a view of green, not concrete! :) After the first 4th of July celebration rolled around, though, we knew that the blessings far exceeded the green view. Our back porch is our very VERY favorite place to sit on 4th of July because the horizon lights up with fireworks from all the neighboring towns. We get a free show right from our own backyard…literally. Our goal is to never miss one of these celebrations as long as we own this home. And when we move to our farm, we will have a large panoramic photo of the 4th of July horizon blown up for us to take with us. Sounds silly but it really is that (more…)

Feature Friday: American weekend

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

How will you celebrate the holiday weekend? I can say ours will DEFINITELY include fireworks viewing from our back porch (a favorite tradition…we can watch them light up the sky all over the horizon)…hopefully some cake and well, um, the flowers? Lets just say we didn’t GET that far this year. The weeds will have to do. 😉


Thankful for our freedom and those who gave their lives for it,

ps-The best part of this whole post…is that I’m totally stealing these images from my blog post on our family blog page last year. So those of you who think, “hmmm, that looks familiar.” Well, that’s because it IS familiar. Haha!!

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