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Thursday, May 6th, 2010

As you might have read in my last post about the flood, the middle tennessee area has suffered tragic losses especially in low-lying areas. Some people lost a little, some people lost it all…they are displaced to shelters…waiting for the waters to recede so they can go home and assess the damage. Shelters are providing food and shelter to hundreds of people in the wake of these storms. Many will go home to nothing and many of those have even less hope—as they are without flood insurance. For this reason, I want to raise as much money as possible to donate to the the Nashville Area Red Cross. I feel it is my duty as one who was somehow randomly spared this disaster, to do all I can to continue helping these families who will likely be displaced for a long time. Our donations pay for food, water, clothing and shelter to house and feed all of the flood victims.

But it can’t stop there. In this “1,000 year flood” people lost their precious pets in the chaos and the rapid waters…dogs, cats, horses, cows, etc all flooded and/or washed away…many were rescued miles down stream and are being cared for in local shelters until they can be reunited with their owners. These shelters need support too which is why I want to donate half of everything we raise to the Nashville Humane Association. We all know if it were OUR dog or cat (horse, cow, etc) we’d want our beloved family pet to get the food and shelter it needs to survive. Lets do the same for the flood victims. This is very close to my heart. (I’m a serious animal lover, as most of you already know). So many people forget about the animals…but they are innocent and helpless without our support. :(

As my way of saying thanks for your support, I will raffle off a photoshoot and a set of prints (worth up to $300). Each dollar you donate will be one entry in the raffle. On the blog home page there is a column on the right hand side which says “donate to help middle tennessee flood victims” it will take you to the paypal sign in. click here to go to the blog home page.

Thank you all, in advance, for your help. I ask also that you will send thoughts and prayers our way in hopes that our water supply will stay sufficient as well as clean. We currently have only one water treatment facility serving all of Davidson County. The other facility is still submerged under the contaminated water. We look outside and see the sun but know in our hearts that this mess is not even close to ending. Our continued support will be necessary for weeks and months to come. Thank you all again!!

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