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Hearts to Japan

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

**UPDATE** due to the size of donations and the paypal fees that accompany them through “chip in”– please donate straight to the Red Cross. We want it all to go to the people who need it now! :)

The footage is heartbreaking. The headlines are shocking to read: “9,500 people missing in 1 town” “URGENT: Radiation Leak at Power Plant Stokes Nuclear Meltdown Fears”. You guys know what’s going on– I won’t recap. Lets do something to help.

I planned to take spring break off to spend with the girls and catch up on work here at home. But the guilt has grabbed me by the throat and I just can’t watch all this footage from my cozy and dry couch any longer. While I’m not able to do much, I do believe that every little bit counts and I’m willing to work for it. 100% of creative fees for individual sessions scheduled (and executed) this spring break week (March 14-20) will go to the Red Cross for Japan. That means we have to talk schedules NOW so I can work out travel plans if necessary. It will be a bit of a jumble to coordinate travel and childcare on such short notice but if we all work together, we can get it done.

You in? Click here and write in the subject line “Japan relief session”

Please forward this on to all your friends. (There is a share button at the top of this post). If your schedule won’t permit a session and you want to donate funds regardless, can go straight to Red Cross and donate there! Click here to visit the Red Cross website.

Thanks for your help!! Please spread the word! :) The more the merrier!!

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