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World Equestrian Games 2010

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

What a great joy it was to attend the WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAMES 2010!!! Once again, me and Linny hit the road for a horse park adventure (as you remember she’s the reason I GET to these events *Rolex). We got a sitter for the girls (thanks, Katie!!) and headed out Friday morning to the games. Arriving around 4:30pm (we had a few stops to make along the way…one stop including our first tastes of Gold Star Chili), we ran straight for the cross country course walk with Jimmy Wofford. Enlightened (and appropriately nervous for the riders the next morning), we headed to musical freesty (more…)

Rolex 2010

Monday, April 26th, 2010


If I could do this for a living…I would. (Take the pictures, not the eventing…although, that’s fun too. I’m just too much of a wimp. Show me the dressage horse). Ah to dream. Lindsay gets the MVF (most valuable friend) award for this month. 😉 She treated me to a day at Rolex (for those who don’t know what Rolex is–besides a fancy watch– click here: ROLEX 3-DAY EVENT). It was an awesome gift for my birthday and although the weather was not cooperative (ie TORNADO WARNINGS) on the ride home, the weather AT Rolex was perfect.

So picture this: we, the”mom-type” duo, were carrying our chairs, bags, cameras, sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, rain coats and appropriate changes of shoes and clothes in preparation for the downpour. Lindsay even brought a plastic bag to put her wet shoes in. OH and the best part: (direct quote by Lindsay): “we need to stop and get money at the ATM and also snacks and water to take in ourselves. It will be twice as much in the park.” So…of course we did. :) As is our tradition to get funnel cakes at Rolex, we planned ahead for that too. Although unfortunately, the weather stormed us out before we were able to partake. :(

I was excited the MOST, however, to bring along my trusty camera to practice shooting the horse in action…especially over fences. I was really happy with how these images turned out…especially the ones with the blur. (Yes, it was intentional). Ideally, I could have eliminated the random people and other distractions (ie: the white rope “fence” around the course) but I couldn’t without photoshopping the begeebers out of it. So try to look past the distractions. 😉 Also, you’ll have to ask Lindsay who these rider/horse combos are. She knows them all. And I haven’t the clue. :) Enjoy the pictures! there are tons of them!! (more…)

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