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snow day(s)

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Yesterday we went outside for some fresh air. Finally. The girls have been preferring to stay inside to bounce on their bounce house instead of braving the cold but… we toughened them up enough for a 30 minute outdoor adventure. (No wimps allowed in the Priddy house)!! The hats are just awesome. My aunt Susan gave them to the girls for Christmas and they’ve been hip and “in style” (that is, “eskimo style”) ever since.

we LOVE the snow around here. Seriously. And probably because we don’t have it so often in Tennessee (its been a record January for sure!) but how can you complain when its so beautiful? The winters here are usually dingy and muddy and cold. I’ll take this ANY day. At least its nice to look at! :)

How have you been celebrating the winter weather?

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