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Thursday, March 17th, 2011

where do you store all of the personal images you’re capturing? On your camera? or maybe you’ve managed to download them to the computer? Either way– are they protected? (psst–the answer is no).

As I go through and cull images from last year to put onto disc and archive from my personal image folders, I’m revisiting moments of history in our family: First steps, wild hair-dos, potty-training, videos of the girls dancing and captured pitter patters of tiny feet. What would happen if I LOST all of these? (Oh, y’all do NOT want to know the answer to that…trust me.)

In this digital age, there is no guarantee that my personal shots will be printed on actual paper to archive in a scrapbook (I have intentions…) so the only real tangible evidence from these “historical” moments in our home reside in copies on my hard drives!!! And this is really just not safe. Caught up in the ever-present obstacle of the day (name it– it happens around here), I neglect to do what is most important in preserving memories of our lives as we go along…memories I want to keep so that our story can be told years, even centuries down the line. The unfortunate nature of keeping it all digital is that computers crash, hard drives crash and memory discs fail! Heck, I’m not even (more…)

how important it really is

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I watched a seminar last week by a (now) favorite photographer of mine: Jerry Ghionis. He was talking about the precious value in the images we take for our clients which I’m not sure I really captured until I heard how he explained it.

A grown man holds up a snapshot taken 32 years prior. It is sized 2in by 2in (more or less the size of a wallet photo) and its color is faded. The paper is wrinkled and torn at the edges. He keeps it in his wallet and obviously close to his heart. The image is of him with his father… a father that he hardly knew. His dad died when he was 3 years old.

If I took this snapshot of his and ripped it to shreds right in front of his face, do you think he would tell me, “it’s just a piece of paper?”

If it were you, what would you do?

I think, as I became a mother, all of this became a big deal to me as I realized how truly precious it is to “hold” a moment that is extremely fleeting– in my hands forever. Think about it–the ability to recapture a memory is amazing. If only we could truly transport ourselves back in time and re-live some of these incredible moments we experience day to day! The blessing of photography is that we can use our photographs to help us as our memories fail over time. We use images for everything… and now-a-days, we very rarely HOLD those pictures in our hands. We see them on our phones, our iPads, our computers, our TVs but not as often anymore on our walls. One reason I love these canvases so much is that they are (huge) reminders of where I’ve been and the road I’ve traveled along. I can re-experience all of these moments which are almost as special to me as they were when they happened!

“A picture is worth a thousand words” but its SOOOO much more than that. It is more than getting dolled up for a camera. It is more than pretty pictures. It is preserving a space in time… for future generations. Photography tells a story. It speaks! And THAT is what is absolutely priceless about it all. Priceless images– the ones you would run back into a burning building to save. Like the man with the snapshot of his father: what would you do for THAT image in your life? My answer for my own memories is: just about anything. And I think its probably your answer too.

life is sweet. savor it,

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