So, this morning Brandon loaded up the back of my car with the glass to take to recycle. I forgot this. Living on a hill often causes things to TIP when in the back of my car. Sudden and unexpected accelerations while ON that hill also tend to add to the likelihood that something will probably fall over in my vehicle.

This was the case. And for whatever reason was insanely hysterical to me this morning as I heard the crash in the back of my car. Thankful for the unexpected giggle (seriously… who laughs at that?), I had no clue what was in store for my humility.

Kids dropped off at school. Trader Joes (yes! I got a parking spot right next to the cart return– BINGO!). Shopping completed. Chatted with the cashier. Making new friends…singing a happy song in my head and then bam- it all comes crashing down. Literally.

So if you can picture this, I open the tailgate and hear glass rustling. “Oh crap!… oh no…. aaaggghh!!” Wine bottles, beer bottles and more wine bottles are POURING out the back of my car and what’s worse is that I can’t stop them!!! I run to the tailgate, close it as much as I can, grab the bottles (now rolling all over the parking lot) while holding the tailgate closed (can’t close it all the way— bottles in the way!!) and “oh no!!” the cart full of groceries is now rolling away. Right leg out, grab the cart with my foot, holding the tailgate closed with left arm, using right arm to gather stray bottles and shove them in the tiny crack I’ve left open to re-shove all the bottles BACK into the car. Still holding the CART with one foot. I’m now a complete spectacle and to make it worse, I’m ROLLING laughing. To myself. BY MYSELF.

I mean really. What ELSE was I supposed to do? Here I am balancing on my left foot, holding the cart with my right, tailgate with left hand and stray bottles with my neck, boob, elbow and right hand. Please tell me you can picture this. Take a moment. I’ll wait.

Thankfully, a sweet lady came to my rescue and helped me not only secure the waterfall of bottles that were continuing to pour out, but helped me rescue the strays and return the container to its stored and upright position. I can’t help but think she got a laugh or two at my expense. I’m just happy she came to help! Can you imagine?!?! I only wish I had a video so you could get the full effect. It is just so me.

And as I drive away, I think to myself– this is the thanks I get for recycling. You’re welcome, Earth! 😉 LOLOLOL!!!

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5 Comments to the thanks I get for recycling

  1. Oh my, I’m sorry, I’m laughing at you right now because I can totally picture this! Same thing happens when you live on curvy country backroads!

  2. Oh my goodness Elizabeth! I am sitting at my desk trying to laugh quietly so my co-workers won’t think I’ve lost it. You described that perfectly…I totally saw myself at Trader Joes with you! You really need to write a book (ya know, in your spare time ;)). Just be glad this happened in TN, not sure you would have had the same luck in NJ.

  3. Omg, Kris, I would have died if someone had left me hanging!! LOL!! @Sam, girl, I know you know how I feel!! LOL!!!!!! Thanks guys. 😉

  4. FUNNY!!

  5. This is my favorite story of yours. It still makes me laugh! xoxo

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