ok, I have to admit. This made me want to put my wedding dress on again. Isn’t she gorgeous? The buttercups (while otherwise a nuisance to horse owners) were a most gorgeous backdrop for bridal shots. Don’t we all dream of wearing a flowing white dress in a field of flowers with horses? (ok, well…hopefully its not JUST me…) 😉

Watching the royal wedding this morning (well, I watched the recap of it…I missed it live) made me open my mind up to dream. So what do you do with this? Look around you.  Take a color, an expression, or a look and use it for inspiration. Dream in pictures of your own. Write a story, paint a picture, do something that expresses you and your unique view of the world. YOUR creative eye and mind.

These images are a direct product of dreaming…. representations of fairy tale longings I have seen in my mind and heart long before I picked up a camera. Before this specific session, I dreamt of flowers and the field and specifically an untethered horse in the background. And without the planning ahead and taking time to see my image before I even left town, I don’t know that I would’ve had enough TIME to pull it together like this on site. {Photographers, it is important to your art to know what you are shooting and WHO you are shooting for before you show up.}  😉

So take time– at least once a week to stop, breathe, take in the air and dream. Revel in God’s wish for you to experience JOY and DELIGHT on a regular basis. I have a personal stance on fairy tales… {all products of dreaming}: they are creative expressions of our hearts longings to be wrapped in bits of heaven. And these don’t come out of nowhere. (Have you seen the movie “Tangled?” I want to be on a boat with floating lanterns surrounding me?!?!). Our imaginations need to run wild sometimes and dream things that aren’t practical–to see beauty in the otherwise nuisance of a weed. 😉  Its a weed to us,  but its like a field of heaven to a child. Dreaming this way only enhances our gift to the world—allowing and inspiring OTHERS to dream themselves. I think its what God wants for us all.



Are you inspired? Do share!! Share this post with someone who needs to take a break to dream a little.

ps-I know I have 2 new shoot ideas just from WRITING this post! (be on the lookout for a model call) 😉

pss- as for now, I’m off to dream with the girls.

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7 Comments to UNbridled {equestrian bridal}: Kati

  1. ahhh!!! i see a niche forming!! <3

  2. 😉 loovvvee it!!

  3. Beautiful photos & writing, Elizabeth! Great job!

  4. thanks so much, kristin! :)

  5. I could totally modal for you lol. Is vertically challenged a problem?? And maybe still have some baby weight still on me… Lol

  6. AWWW I want to put my dress on too and “trash” it! :) Pick me pick me!

  7. I wanted to take pictures with horses…I miss being around them!

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