July 18, 2011

Take a second and inventory your personal and professional photographs. Where are your _________ photos? (fill in the blank with a recent/relevant set of images….wedding photos, children’s baby pictures, family photos…). Where are they? Tell the truth– (leave your answer in a comment below if you are so brave). :)

I’ll tell you my answers:

My pictures from college and younger are in scrapbooks (appropriately)
My pictures from my wedding? well- I have a stack of prints in a box on a shelf still intending to be framed (we’ve been married 5.5 years now) and a traditional album which is opened once every year or two in addition to a DISC which I opened one time to print an image for a family member.
My pictures from my children’s photo sessions- the ones that were purchased large I have hanging on the wall, most 8×10 and smaller are in a box (again) intending to be framed or put in an album.

A lot of money was exchanged for those photographs…can we say confidently that they’re being experienced to the maximum of their value? what about their POTENTIAL value??

Unfortunately the answer is a resounding no.

One of the things that sets priddysweet apart from a lot of other photography businesses is this approach to the output of your images—> simplicity. Less is more. And while the business police might be ready to turn on their sirens at me (what?? wouldn’t you always want to sell MORE??), I believe it with all my heart. See, I get to experience the images I have up on my wall everyday. Regardless of their size (though the ones I enjoy most often are 11×14 or larger), I see them and enjoy them throughout my day as I pass by. Every time I walk down the hall to the master bedroom, I can re-experience my wedding day as I view an image of us on the balcony over looking the ceremony set up below. Every time I walk up the stairs I can see my children’s 1 year photos and their formal photos in their baptismal gown that my mother made. Every time I sit on the couch in my living room, I re-experience my now 2.5 and 3.5 year old children as they were when they were 6 months old. All of my photographs are priceless to me but the value of those hanging on the wall has far exceed the price due to my regular enjoyment of the images….And that is only possible because they are on the wall. (If you open up an album of photos multiple times a day, everyday, then you are the exception to the rule) 😉

I cannot stress “because they are on the wall” enough! Your photographs are ART. And you should feel free to treat them as such! Create a gallery of smaller prints in larger, matted frames. Or choose one that you can’t live without and buy it on canvas. The options are almost endless! But whatever you do, don’t settle on the thought that you just want them “on a disc.” You really don’t… (says the person with a lost disc of wedding images). Unless you have a specific plan to use them digitally (a professional website etc), those images will just sit on that disc until that disc rots (or breaks, or gets lost) and you will not be able to enjoy them even an eighth as much as if you could see them out, in your home, on your wall….every. single. day.

So next time you’re ready to order images (if you order them from me, you’ll undoubtedly hear this again) TRULY consider this fact: professional photography is an investment. To get the most out of your investment, really think about what will give you the greatest value for your budget. In most cases, it can simplified to one or two “I can’t live without these” images that you can then proudly display on your wall. The value is in the enjoyment of the images you purchase. While everything might be going digital these days, and others might feel fine getting a disc of images, I want you to feel as giddy as I do when I walk by my photographs in my home. And if you can tell me (with a straight face) that you get more enjoyment from a bunch of digital files than you would of your favorite image in large format hanging as art on a wall in your home, well then you will have me stumped completely. 😉

Enjoy your art. Hang it proudly! And if you found this useful, pass it on! Someone with a disc of pictures on their desk might thank you…. 😉

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3 Comments to Why simplify?

  1. Lol, I thought you were talking to me…

  2. My family pictures are in frames and placed around my house. I have alot of everyday pictures that are still on my digital camera. My boyfriend did get me a digital picture frame for my birthday and do have over 300 pictures on it and it is at work so I can look over and see family, friends,pets and places on it. When I need a break from the computer screeen.

  3. Excellent, Christi!! And don’t you enjoy that you can see them many times a day? I know I do!! thanks for sharing!! :)

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