You guys are cracking me up. These pictures are hilarious! and so awesome! Some of them I just burst out laughing when I saw….like the goose…I can just HEAR the goose honking as it flies away from its pursuer who is swimming faithfully behind. Or the calculator— LOVE IT! I can hear the buttons and the receipt printing when I look at it. And a perfect “sound of spring” to an accountant! So true!! just awesome, guys. I can’t wait to see more. Please tell me you all are sending me more. I’m LOVING all of your creativity!! GREAT JOB! Alright…its time to vote. Leave a comment below listing your favorites and why. Encourage each other. :) The top 3 will advance to the final round. Tell your friends to come and vote too!

1. By Beth McMahan
5. Beth McMahan
“here’s a bumble bee that I caught buzzing around the azaleas in my yard”
{gorgeous shot. I love the fuzz on his back…so cool!}

2. By Erica Wombles
1. Erica Wombles
“I love the sounds of kids playing outside when the weather is perfect…like April when the weather is not to hot and not to cold…all you need is a light jacket. hehe”
{Erica, she is just the cutest thing. and I love the sound of kids laughing and playing too. great job}

3. By Brittany Atchison
2. Brittany Atchison
“phil mowing. :)”
{you know I’m a fan of lawnmowers and tractors!}

4. By Teresa King
3. Teresa King
“I love the sounds of the birds singing in the spring lets me know summer is a coming….”
{these birds look so perfect its hard to believe they’re real! great shot!! i love it!}

5. By Kristen Andrade
4. Kristen Andrade
“What an Accountant hears in the Spring”
{this is a favorite. I just think its so creative. Love it!!}

6. By Jeffri Wright
6. Jeffri Wright
“jackson and the goose”
{ahhaahahahhaha!! I can TOTALLY hear that goose honking…I just LOVE THIS!!!! Great shot too! love the water flying up behind the bird…}

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21 Comments to Your sounds of spring (Round 1)

  1. All the pictures are really creative, but I’m choosing #1. What an awesome photograph!

  2. I vote for Jackson & the goose !!! Someday, he’s gonna catch him # 6

  3. Vote for #6 Jackson and the Goose!! :)

  4. I love #1, but I think #5 is the most creative – that definately took some thought. I think all the pictures are awesome!

  5. #1 has my vote….I can just hear the bee buzzing.

  6. I’m going to vote #2, I love to here the kids playing…..

  7. #2 =)

  8. I LOVE LOVE #6 Jackson and the goose. He will get that guy someday! I know it.

  9. Hey Kris (#5) we need to hook you up with some Excel :) You narrowly edge out Jackson and the Goose for my vote……so far…….

    And if Phil “mows” the grass with that shovel, the good news is he’ll only have to do it once :)


  11. by Mom
    I vote for #6 Jackson and the Goose. Good boy Jackson.

  12. I just love that beautiful boxer

  13. LOL Brandon…..

  14. I vote for #4. I too love to hear the birds singing knowing spring is around the corner!!!

  15. Of course I’m partial to #1, but I gotta give kudos to #5…very clever!

  16. Thanks Trisha

  17. #6 – That’s one DETERMINED dog!!!! LOL

  18. All the photos are great, but how can I not vote for my beloved Jackson?? (#6) It is the surest sound of Spring when I hear the loud splash and the distressed honking of the resident goose as they argue over who’s lake it belongs to… it usually ends in a “draw” around October!!! :)

  19. I’m a little partial…I vote Jackson. 😉 #6!

  20. Go get’m Jackson!!

  21. My vote is for # 1…I love how they captured the pollen on the bee! And to respond to Brandon’s comment, Excel doesn’t make noise and that was the subject 😉 Thanks for the vote though cuz!

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