yall…these are all GREAT shots!! They’re all going to the final round. Period. 😉 Tomorrow I will post the final round and then our guest judge will determine the winner for Friday!! Leave comments, tell us your favorites and why and encourage each other. :) Super job, everyone. I can hear the sounds in each one. Can you?

1. By Symantha Evans
1. Symantha Evans
“I know waterfalls are year round, but the spring rains make them bigger, and that’s when you find ones that aren’t there any other time of the year. Waterfalls are one of my most favorite sounds, what is more relaxing? Oh, and if you look closely, you just might find a rainbow.”
{BEAUTIFUL, Sam. I love it!!}

2. By Erica Wombles
2. Erica Wombles
“April showers bring May flowers!”
{oooh!! I like!! i love the water beads! good one, Erica!}
3. By Teresa King
3. Teresa King
“the sound of the little stream going thru my yard. I just love hearing the water going over the rocks…”
{so refreshing….and relaxing!!}
4. By Jeffri Wright
4. Jeffri Wright
“Baylor- silence.”
{you have the cutest, funniest dogs I’ve ever met….love this.}

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13 Comments to your spring sound photos (round 2)

  1. My vote is for the Baylor dog. So cute! I bet he was in need of a bath when he go out of the water!

  2. lol that dog is funny! I love the water pictures! It’s hard to vote!! All are great!

  3. i wish i could go to a waterfall…i want to go swimming!!

  4. I bet you can…Sam lives in East TN so I’m betting that waterfall isn’t far away. 😉 You can go swim there, Erica. :) Or in your backyard like in your mom’s pic. LOL

  5. dog,priceless..

  6. I get a vote, right? I have to vote for my precious baby Baylor :) although I LOOOOOOOOVE the 1st pic too! Check out that rainbow!

  7. Gotta vote for #4…baby baylor…. Unlike Jackson, he sits on the edge and waits for the goose to come to him… Gotta love him..

  8. lol as long as the water is nice and clean looking unlike Baylors choice of water =P He’s so funny!

  9. I love my boy, Baylor! He’s got my vote.

  10. come one guys i worked hard on mine!! there was no rain!! lol I made it rain so I could capture the “essence” of rain…a true artist…LOL =P

  11. yes, that’s true, Erica…a true artist! LOL!!

  12. Baylor has my vote! He’s precious!!

  13. The dog is beautiful…..he also thinks he’s a lap dog~!!! #4 HAS MY VOTE

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